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Cory Booker


• Age at Inauguration: 51
• Experience: Mayor of Newark, New Jersey (2006-2013); U.S. Senate - New Jersey (2013-present)
• Education: Stanford University (BA, MA), Queen's College - Oxford (MA) (Rhodes Scholar), Yale University (JD)
• Interesting fact: As mayor, Booker carried a woman out of a burning house and suffered smoke inhalation

Key Platform Points

• Places an emphasis on criminal justice reform and Medicare for All
• Create an economy which rewards workers and not just upper-level corporate officials
• Emphasizes national unity and equal opportunity

Economy and Taxes

• Proposed tax cuts for the lower and middle class which would be paid for by taxes on certain investments
• Trade deals like NAFTA need to be fairer to U.S. companies
• Fund Opportunity Account Program (See Social Security and Welfare) by increasing capital gains and estate taxes
• Raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour
• Raise capital gains taxes to same rate as ordinary income
• Supports changing USMCA
• Supports Trump's goal of taking on China, but would repeal the tariffs his administration imposed on goods from China


• Lower corporate tax rate and close loopholes
• Supports minority businesses
• Supports investigating big tech companies first to determine further actions
• Will not accept corporate PAC or lobbyist donations for his campaign
• Appoint judges that will enforce antitrust laws
• Require companies to study and address biases that get built into algorithms on their platforms and products, potentially leading to discriminatory outcomes
• Place a moratorium on future agricultural mergers and acquisitions until Congress can pass legislation ensuring antitrust laws "are tailored to today's markets"

Criminal Justice and Drugs

• Remove mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug crimes
• Supports legalization of marijuana federally
• End the federal crack and powder cocaine disparity
• Ban racial and religious profiling
• Prohibit solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons
• Grant all formerly incarcerated people the right to vote
• Abolish the death penalty
• Abolish cash bail
• Eliminate private prisons


• Universal preschool education
• Provide support for homeless youth and foster kids
• Supports debt-free college
• Allow borrowers to refinance their federal student loans at lower interest rates
• Expand eligibility for the Earned Income Tax Credit to low-income students


• Supports the Green New Deal
• Believes climate change should be treated as a threat to our economy and national security
• Invest over $3 trillion dollars by 2030 to fund the transtion to a 100% carbon-nuetral economy by 2045 and create millions of new jobs
• Investment aimed towards clean energy, energy storage and electric vehicle charging network
• Invest $400 billion in energy research and development
• Require all new projects include priorities for contracting with local and minority-owned small businesses
• Supports setting a price on carbon to push companies to reduce their emissions, and return revenue as a dividend to the American people
• Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement
• Put protections in place for 30 percent of all U.S. lands and waters
• Supports natural climate solutions like massive reforestation and coastal wetlands restoration
• Reestablish the Civilian Conservation Corps to provide skills and perform this restoration
• Invest over $100 billion by 2030 through existing USDA conservation programs to make farms more climate resilient
• Supports new nuclear power development
• Drastically increase EPA enforcement actions against polluting companies
• Require that all new passenger vehicles after 2030 be zero emissions
• At least double federal funding for clean-energy research
• Supports banning fracking
• Ban fossil fuel exports
• End leasing for new onshore and offshore fossil fuel extraction
• Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies
• Overturn Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline permits
• Replace all residential and school lead drinking water service lines

Foreign Policy

• Supports a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine
• Supports negotiating the Iran nuclear deal
• End U.S. support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen
• Scale down U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and is against intervention in Syria

Government Reform

• More transparency in committee hearings
• Replace the Electoral College with the popular vote
• End gerrymandering
• Supports automatic voter registration
• Make Election Day a national holiday
• Overturn Citizens United v. FEC
• Supports DC statehood and self-determination for Puerto Rico
• Open to eliminating the Senate filibuster
• Open to adding justices to the Supreme Court and implementing term limits
• Mandate paper ballots
• Create an office in the White House with the purpose of fighting against white supremacy

Gun Control

• Supports a federal gun licensing program that would give 5-year gun licenses to those that submit fingerprints, compete a background check, and demonstrate completion of a certified gun safety course
• Ban military-style assault weapons
• Ban high-capacity ammunition magazines
• Supports a mandatory federal buyback program for military-style assault weapons
• Increase oversight for gun manufacturing to ensure gun safety
• Require semi-automatic handgun microstamping, which can trace a specific gun to a crime
• Close the "gun show loophole"
• Limit gun buyers to one handgun per month
• Close the "boyfriend loophole"
• Close the "Charleston loophole"

Health Care

• Supports Medicare for All as an end goal
• Ensure universal health care through the creation of a public option
• Supports keeping private insurance
• Create a universal, gender-neutral, national paid family and medical leave program allowing for up to 12 weeks of paid leave
• Long-Term Care Plan:
• Expand access to Medicaid long-term services by raising the asset limit to $200,000 and the income limit to approximately $50,000 for a family of two
• Individuals that exceed these limits would be able to buy into the program
• Give a tax credit to family caregivers and improve their access to paid family leave
• Strengthen nutritional programs for kids
• Supports giving the federal government the ability to negotiate drug prices for Medicare
• Allow the government to break the patents of brand drug companies so that generic companies can produce cheaper knockoffs
• Supports importing drugs from other countries
• Incentivize drug companies to charge prices that are comparable to those paid in other developed countries
• Allow undocumented immigrants to be covered under a government-run health plan


• Supports a pathway to citizenship for the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants now living in the U.S., including DREAMers
• Against the Trump administration policy of family separation at the border
• Does not support adding any more wall along the Southern border
• Doesn't support increasing funds for border security, instead better utilize and prioritize existing funds
• Change crossing the border from a criminal offense to a civil offense
• Does not support detaining asylum-seeking families until their asylum claims can be processed
• Supports increasing foreign aid to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in an effort to reduce the flow of asylum seekers to the U.S.
• Meet target of 110,000 annual refugee admissions set during the Obama administration
• Restructure ICE

LGBTQ+ Rights

• Supports same-sex marriage
• Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
• Lift the ban preventing transgender people from serving in the military
• Supports the Equality Act

National Security & Veterans Affairs

• Supports same-sex marriage
• Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity
• Lift the ban preventing transgender people from serving in the military
• Supports the Equality Act

Social Security & Welfare

• Opportunity Accounts Program:
• Each newborn child is given $1,000 in a savings account and each year, depending on their family income, that child will receive annual payments into their account until they are 18 and can spend it
• For example, a child living below the poverty line would receive $2,000 per year, and the estimated account balance for that 18-year-old would be $46,215
• Supports Social Security expansion
• Believes Social security plays an essential role in Americans' lives and must be preserved for generations to come
• Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit by increasing the income eligibility level from $54k to $90k and making it available to childless workers
• Create a refundable tax credit available to individuals who pay more than 30% of their gross income on rent including utilities
• Form a commission to consider reparations proposals for African Americans

Women's Rights

• Pro-choice stance
• Defends women's access to birth control
• Prohibit state governments from restricting access to abortions
• Repeal the Hyde Amendment
• Supports the Paycheck Fairness Act


• Economic:
• Health:
• Education:
• Criminal Justice Reform:
• Environment: