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Julián Castro


• Age at Inauguration: 46
• Experience: Obama's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (2014-2017); Mayor of San Antonio, Texas (2009-2014)
• Education: Stanford University (BA), Harvard University (JD)
• Interesting fact: Castro is an identical twin with Joaquin Castro, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas

Key Platform Points

• Emphasizes universal prekindergarten, Medicare for All, and immigration reform

Economy and Taxes

• Raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour
• Believes in a balanced federal budget
• Supports increasing taxes on the ultra-wealthy, like proposals to place a marginal tax rate of 70% on income over $10 million
• Raise capital gains taxes to same rate as ordinary income
• Repeal the Trump tax cuts
• Renegotiate NAFTA and supports changing USMCA
• Opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership
• Supports Trump's goal of taking on China, but would repeal the tariffs his administration imposed on goods from China
• Supports increase in infrastructure spending
• Increase the Child Tax Credit from $2,000 to $3,000 per child, index it to inflation, and make it fully refundable
• Require people with $40 million or more in assets to pay taxes on investment income every year, whether they sell those assets or not
• Replace the estate tax with an "inherited wealth tax" that would apply federal income and payroll taxes to inheritances worth more than $2 million over the recipient's lifetime
• Match the capital gains tax rate to that paid on earned income (For those making more than $400,000, the marginal rate would be 40%)


• Reverse the Trump tax cuts, raising the corporate income tax rate from 21% to 35%
• Supports investigating big tech companies first to determine further actions
• Will not accept super PAC or fossil fuel industry donations for his campaign

Criminal Justice and Drugs

• Supports legalization of marijuana federally
• Expunge all criminal records for marijuana use
• Supports Black Lives Matter movement
• Against the current public defender system because it discriminates against those living in poverty and cannot afford adequate representation and legal counsel
• Grant all formerly incarcerated people the right to vote
• Abolish the death penalty
• Abolish cash bail
• Reduce mandatory minimum sentencing
• Eliminate private prisons
• End qualified immunity for police officers to hold them accountable for using excessive force


• Released a $1.5 trillion education plan that would create a universal pre-K program and tuition-free public colleges, community colleges and technical/vocational schools
• Raised the sales tax by one-eighth of a cent to create San Antonio's pre-kindergarten program for four-year-olds as mayor
• Called for expanding student loan forgiveness to people who receive federal assistance through programs such as food stamps or Medicaid
• Boost teacher pay through a tax credit of at least $2,000 but up to $10,000, with teachers at schools with more low-income students receiving more
• Invest $150 billion in modernizing high school facilities, creating programs to receive college credit in high school at no added cost, and increasing the prevalence of high school trade programs
• Universal free meals in schools


• Supports the Green New Deal
• Believes climate change should be treated as a threat to our economy and national security
• Targets Global Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 and halve U.S. carbon emissions relative to 2005 levels by 2030
• Create a $200 billion "Green Infrastructure Fund" that would be used for public transportation and electric vehicle charging stations
• First executive order would be to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement
• Does not support building more nuclear power plants
• Expand NAFTA to cover climate change
• Supports setting a price on carbon to push companies to reduce their emissions
• Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies
• Replace all U.S. electricity generation with zero-emissions sources by 2030 for zero-emission by 2035
• All new passenger vehicles and buildings emit zero carbon emissions by 2030
• $10 trillion of spending on jobs aligned with switch from polluting to nonpolluting energy
• Ban all fossil fuel production on public lands
• Expand EPA's civil rights division power
• States receiving agency assistance required to address environmental and health disparities
• Create a National Climate Council in White House
• Expand Federal Energy Regulatory Commion's authority
• Goal of planting 30 billion trees around the world by 2050
* $10 trillion of spending on clean energy

Foreign Policy

• Strengthen alliances that have weakened since WWII
• Doesn't support U.S. involvement in Syria and Iraq over the past 15 years
• Pull troops out of Afghanistan by the end of her first term
• Believes in exercising the U.S.'s soft power more than its military power to influence foreign policy
• Supports the Iran nuclear deal
• Supported the removal of troops from Syria

Government Reform

• Replace the Electoral College with the popular vote
• Overturn Citizens United v. FEC
• Supports DC statehood and self-determination for Puerto Rico
• Open to eliminating the Senate filibuster
• Against adding justices to the Supreme Court and open to implementing term limits
• Supports automatic voter registration and open to lowering the voting age from 18 to 16
• Make Election Day a national holiday
• Mandate paper ballots

Gun Control

• Ban military-style assault weapons
• Supports universal background checks
• Supports a voluntary federal buyback program for military-style assault weapons
• Limit access to high-capacity ammunition magazines
• Close the "gun show loophole"

Health Care

• Supports Medicare for All as an end goal
• Strengthen Medicare for those who have it and allow everyone to buy into it
• Supports keeping private insurance
• Automatically enroll people who lose their job
• Create a universal, gender-neutral, national paid family and medical leave program allowing for up to 12 weeks of paid leave
• Supports giving the federal government the ability to negotiate drug prices for Medicare
• Incentivize drug companies to charge prices that are comparable to those paid in other developed countries
• Allow the government to break the patents of brand drug companies so that generic companies can produce cheaper knockoffs
• Allow undocumented immigrants to be covered under a government-run health plan


• Supports a pathway to citizenship for the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants now living in the U.S., including DREAMers
• Use technology to screen for drugs and other illegal activity at ports of entry
• Supports removing parts of the wall at the instruction of local communities
• Overturn the travel ban
• Meet target of 110,000 annual refugee admissions set during the Obama administration
• Change crossing the border from a criminal offense to a civil offense
• Supports an adequately resourced independent immigration judicial system to help process asylum claims faster
• Does not support detaining asylum-seeking families until their asylum claims can be processed
• Suggests ankle monitors as an alternative to detaining illegal immigrants
• Supports increasing foreign aid to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in an effort to reduce the flow of asylum seekers to the U.S.
• Restructure ICE
• Offer temporary visas to Venezuelans who have fled due to Maduro's regime

LGBTQ+ Rights

• Supports same-sex marriage
• Lift the ban preventing transgender people from serving in the military
• Expand fair housing rights to transgender Americans

National Security & Veterans Affairs

• Supports same-sex marriage
• Lift the ban preventing transgender people from serving in the military
• Expand fair housing rights to transgender Americans

Social Security & Welfare

• Believes expanding affordable housing and investing in cities will create more job opportunities and better wages
• Expand the Housing Voucher Program
• Create a tax credit for renters
• Expand the Low Income Housing Tax Credit
• Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit to include all dependents, low-income independent students and workers younger than 25 and older than 65
• Boost funding for two trust funds to develop and improve public housing by $45 billion
• As Secretary of the HUD, he established the National Housing Trust Fund, which invested $174 million in affordable housing for lower-income households
• Form a commission to consider reparations proposals for African Americans

Women's Rights

• Pro-choice stance
• Strongly opposed state laws limiting abortion access after the 20th week of pregnancy
• Condemned Alabama abortion bill
• Repeal of the Hyde Amendment
• Pass the Equal Rights Amendment
• Abortions should be covered by health care
• Supports equal pay for equal work
• Appoint judges that will uphold Roe v. Wade


• Economic:
• Health:
guarantee child care
• Education:
• Criminal Justice Reform:
• Environment: