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Wayne Messam


• Age at Inauguration: 46
• Experience: started a large construction company in 2007; Mayor of Miramar, Florida (2015-present)
• Education: Florida State University (BS)
•  Interesting fact: Messam was drafted as a wide receiver by the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL after winning the National Championship, but didn't end up playing professionally

Key Platform Points

• Aims to eliminate student debt totaling $1.5 trillion held by 44 million Americans
• Has progressive stances on guns, immigration and environmental issues

Economy and Taxes

• Seeks to repeal the tax cuts implemented by Trump's administration to help fund initiatives
• Establish an economic plan to soften the blow of the coming technology advancements on working and middle class Americans
• Encourage young people to start their own businesses as a pathway to success and alternative to college
• Raise the federal minimum wage
• Supports using tariffs as a method to crack down on certain countries, but critical of Trump's approach


• Will not accept fossil fuel industry donations for his campaign

Criminal Justice and Drugs

• Supports "Ban the Box" laws
• Believes legalizing marijuana should be left up to the states
• Expunge criminal records of cannabis-related offenses
• Grant all formerly incarcerated people the right to vote


• Cancel all federal student loans in full and pay off all private student loans, which he plans to fund by rescinding Trump's tax package and adding a 1.5% contribution on payrolls of employee in companies with 50+ employees
• Increase teacher pay so that it aligns with the importance of their work


• Supports the end goal of the Green New Deal
• Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement
• Doesn't support the Green New Deal, but believes similar actions should be taken that would reach the same goal
• Does not support new nuclear power plants and in favor of phasing out nuclear power
• Open to setting a carbon tax to push companies to reduce their emissions
• Supports banning fracking
• End leasing for fossil fuel extraction on federal lands
• Eliminate fossil fuel subsidies

Foreign Policy

• Lead by example and mend fractured alliances
• Restore American respect for all people and all faiths
• Address issues with Russia, the long term rivalry that China poses, the instability and lack of peace in the Middle East, and the spread of nuclear weapons
• Supports the Iran nuclear deal

Government Reform

• Replace the Electoral College with the popular vote
• Make Election Day a national holiday
• Supports automatic voter registration and against lowering the voting age from 18 to 16
• Overturn Citizens United v. FEC
• Eliminate the Senate filibuster
• Supports DC and Puerto Rico statehood
• Open to adding justices to the Supreme Court
• Limit Supreme Court justices to 15-year terms

Gun Control

• Supports gun laws that would expand background checks and prevent terrorists from gaining access to guns
• Ban military-style assault weapons
• Cut gun deaths in half by the end of his first term
• Against arming educators and teachers with guns

Health Care

• Supports Medicare for All as an end goal
• Ensure universal health care through the creation of a public option
• Supports building on the Affordable Care Act's foundation
• Supports keeping private insurance
• Supports giving the federal government the ability to negotiate drug prices for Medicare
• Supports importing drugs from other countries
• Supports having the federal government produce and sell generic drugs at lower prices
• Against allowing undocumented immigrants to be covered under a government-run health plan


• Supports a pathway to citizenship for the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants now living in the U.S., including DREAMers
• Does not support detaining asylum-seeking families until their asylum claims can be processed
• As mayor, his city passed a resolution demanding ICE to improve facility conditions
• Increase funding to use a combination of technology and some physical barriers to secure the Southern border
• Change crossing the border from a criminal offense to a civil offense
• Supports increasing foreign aid to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in an effort to reduce the flow of asylum seekers to the U.S.
• Meet target of 110,000 annual refugee admissions set during the Obama administration
• Abolish ICE

LGBTQ+ Rights

• Supports same-sex marriage

National Security & Veterans Affairs

• Supports same-sex marriage

Social Security & Welfare

• Unknown

Women's Rights

• Pro-choice stance
• Believes women should decide what they do with their bodies


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• Health:
• Education:
• Criminal Justice Reform:
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