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Mark Sanford


• Age at Inauguration: 60
• Exprience: U.S. House of Representatives - South Carolina (1995-2001, 2013-2019); Governor - South Carolina (2003-2011)
• Education: Furman University (BA), University of Virginia (MBA)
• Interesting Fact: Sanford held pigs outside the state house chamber to criticize the use of pork-barrel projects in South Carolina's 2004 budget

Key Platform Points

• Cut back on government spending

Economy and Taxes

• Cut back on government spending
• Reduce the national debt
• Balance budget
• In favor of abolishing estate tax
• Supports Trump tax cut
• Against trade war with China


• Decrease regulations on corporations
• Will accept PAC donations for his campaign

Criminal Justice and Drugs

• Supports prosecution of law enforcement for civil rights violations
• Believes addiction should be treated as a national public health emergency
• Favors treatment for drug addicts rather than criminal sentencing
• Supports funding for re-entry programs and bail reform
• Supports legalization of marijuana, particularly for medicinal purposes


• Opposes common core
• Supports merit pay for teachers
• Supports voluntary teacher-led prayer
• Supports abstinence only sex-ed programs


• Against carbon tax
• Recognizes climate change as a threat
• Opposes joining international climate agreements

Foreign Policy

• Opposes US intervention in foreign conflict
• Opposes trade war

Government Reform

• Previously pledged to cut the federal government by 20 percent to reduce waste
• Supports term limits for members of Congress
• Replace the Electoral College with the popular vote
• Wants to pass a law requiring presidents to disclose their tax returns

Gun Control

• Opposes gun control
• Supports cross-state concealed carry

Health Care

• Opposes the Affordable Care Act
• Supports tax incentives for purchasers of healthcare


• Supports building a wall
• Supports legal citizenship verification of employees
• Supports penalizing sanctuary cities
• Opposes separating famillies at border

LGBTQ+ Rights

• Opposes gay marriage
•  Supports constitutional amendment banning gay marriage

National Security & Veterans Affairs

• Opposes gay marriage
•  Supports constitutional amendment banning gay marriage

Social Security & Welfare

• Supports increased Medicaid access
• Privatize of some of Social Security
• Establish individual retirement accounts in fairness to millennials, who may never receive Social Security benefits

Women's Rights

• Pro-life stance
• Supports rights for fetuses and embryos


• Economic:
• Health:
• Education:
• Criminal Justice Reform:
• Environment: