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Tom Steyer


• Age at Inauguration: 63
• Experience: Hedge-fund manager; Philanthropist; Activist
• Education: Yale University (BA), Stanford University (MBA)
• Interesting Fact: Steyer has spent millions of dollars on a television and digital ad campaign advocating the impeachment of President Donald Trump, amassing more than 8 million petition signatures

Key Platform Points

• Guarantee that Americans have five new constitutional rights - the right to healthcare, clean air and water, a livable wage, an equal vote, and a quality education

Economy and Taxes

• Raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour
• Supports a 1% annual wealth tax on wealth above $32 million to pay for infrastructure and education investments
• Repeal Trump's tax cuts
• Repeal the tariffs the Trump administration has imposed on goods from China


• Harness innovation and promote competition by reviewing and enforcing existing - and
considering new - antitrust regulations
• Supports decreasing the power that corporations have over politics
• Close tax loopholes for corporations
• Will not accept corporate PAC or fossil fuel industry donations for his campaign
• Should not violate the right to clean air and water for self-profit

Criminal Justice and Drugs

• Supports largely eliminating the cash bail system and have courts instead rely on pretrial assessments of an offender's danger to public safety


• All Americans should have access to a free, quality public education
• Guarantee two years of free college
• Allow students to refinance their student loans at lower interest rates
• Pass a Student Borrowers Bill of Rights
• Forgive the student loan debt of teachers and other public servants
• Invest heavily in worker training and apprenticeship programs to produce a highly trained workforce and meet the technological needs of our changing economy


• Supports the Green New Deal
• Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement
• Declare climate change a national emergency on first day as President
• Five pillar Justice-Centered Climate Plan:
• Establish energy efficient transportation, and construct and retrofit buildings to be cleaner and safer
• Create a Civilian Climate Corps, a combined service, training, and job creation effort to implement community specific climate change solutions
• Invest $50 billion in legacy energy industry (oil and gas) communities to protect wage benefits, end government subsidies to polluters, and restore and expand public nature areas, working lands, and parks
• Invest in climate-smart infrastructure, prioritize clean manufacturing, and require companies to disclose and internalize the costs of their risky fossil fuel holdings
• Secure our military bases against extreme weather, improve our disaster prevention systems, and strengthen our response and recovery strategy
• Put more resources toward clean, renewable energy
• Reduce the U.S.'s dependence on fossil fuels
• End new oil and gas leases on federal land and end offshore drilling
• Ban fracking
• Opposed the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline
• Stand up to corporate polluters who poison our air & water

Foreign Policy

• Avoid foreign interference in elections
• Has criticized Trump for "turning allies into enemies"

Government Reform

• Overturn Citizens United v. FEC
• Implement a term limit of 12 years for the House of Representatives and Senate
• Implement a Vote At Home system which would provide voters with postage-paid absentee ballots
• Establish a national referendum process which would allow citizens to vote on 2 key issues per year
• Supports election reform legislation that would protect voting rights for Native Americans and tackle discriminatory practices in voting
• End gerrymandering with independent redistricting commissions
• Expand the size of the Supreme Court
• Restructure the Federal Election Commission

Gun Control

• Supports universal background checks
• Ban military-style assault weapons
• Restrict high-capacity magazines

Health Care

• Supports "Medicare for All Who Want It" as a pathway to Medicare for All
• Ensure universal health care through the creation of a public option
• Supports keeping private insurance
• Require drug manufacturers to provide notification of price increases
• Criticized pharmaceutical companies for profiting off of drug sales and causing the deadly opioid crisis


• Supports a pathway to citizenship for the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants now living in the U.S., including Dreamers
• Take executive action that could allow DREAMers to obtain legal status if Congress does not pass legislation
• Expand and strengthen legal services for immigrants seeking assistance
• Overturn the travel ban
• Change crossing the border from a criminal offense to a civil offense
• Against the Trump administration policy of family separation at the border
• Does not support adding any more wall along the Southern border

LGBTQ+ Rights

• Supports same-sex marriage
• Supports LGBTQ+ rights

National Security & Veterans Affairs

• Supports same-sex marriage
• Supports LGBTQ+ rights

Social Security & Welfare

• Expand retirement security programs
• Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit

Women's Rights

• Pro-choice stance
• Supports Roe v. Wade


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• Health:
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• Criminal Justice Reform:
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