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Key Platform Points


Joe Biden (D)

• Empower the middle class through comprehensive reform: better education, altering the tax code to favor middle class, universal health care, and other such endeavors


Michael Bloomberg (D)

• Outspoken voice on gun control and climate change
• Views on taxes would put him on the conservative end of the Democratic field


Pete Buttigieg (D)

• Calls for a generational change in leadership and promotes policy that would benefit the environment and economic opportunity
• Structurally reform the U.S.'s democracy by eliminating the Electoral College and expanding the Supreme Court to 15 Justices


Tulsi Gabbard (D)

• Supports abortion rights, Medicare for All, and opposes American military intervention overseas


Amy Klobuchar (D)

• Strict criminal justice reform
• Rebuild America's infrastructure with a comprehensive and adequately funded plan
• Address the pressing issues of climate change, income inequality, and our changing economy


Bernie Sanders (D)

• Medicare for All, free public college, and reducing the influence of the wealthy


Tom Steyer (D)

• Guarantee that Americans have five new constitutional rights — the right to healthcare, clean air and water, a livable wage, an equal vote, and a quality education


Donald Trump (R)

• Restricting immigration through the construction of a border wall at the U.S.-Mexico border
• Renegotiating international deals regarding arms, trade, and climate change


Joe Walsh (R)

• Repeal the Affordable Care Act
• Build a southern border wall and reform the aslyum claims process
• Believes there should be zero exceptions in abortion laws


Elizabeth Warren (D)

• Focus on income inequality
• Repair the middle class that is under attack by big corporations and political corruption


Bill Weld (R)

• Supports fiscal restraint, moderate immigration reform, and free trade
• Has progressive social views and conservative economic views

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